Beerze Bulten
Five-star campsite in The Netherlands

Five-star campsite in The Netherlands

  • 5-star children's campsite
  • Child-friendly and car-free
  • Water park: indoor and outdoor
  • Playground: Giga Rabbit Hole

5-star camping in Netherlands

Beerze Bulten: a large and luxurious 5-star campsite in the Netherlands.

What is the coziest 5-star campsite in the Netherlands? That is Beerze Bulten! The combination of peace and nature in the Vechtdal region and the vibrant facilities of Beerze Bulten make us proud to call ourselves a 5-star campsite in Overijssel. Quickly find your favorite camping pitch, bungalow, or glamping accommodation. You will remember your stay at Beerze Bulten!

Five-star campsite in The Netherlands

Do not miss this at our 5-star campsite

Beerze Bulten is a children's campsite in the Netherlands rated 5-stars. Why? Partly because of the many facilities at the resort, for the children, and for the mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. At the main entrance, the Giga Rabbit Hole is the eye-catcher. There is a super cool indoor play paradise , partly underground, and concurrently the home of Bultje the Rabbit. The meters-high climbing nets, the ball pits, and the Beerze Bowling will ensure hours of fun for your children while you can relax in Bultje's Dining Room. Of course, our 5-star campsite in the Netherlands also offers an indoor and outdoor swimming paradise with an Adventure Island and cool slides! At these central facilities, you will also find Brasserie de Hagehorst and the Spa, Wellness, & Fitness. So there is plenty to do at our luxury campsite in the Netherlands.

Giga Rabbit Hole

The ginormous indoor play paradise where the children can do crafts, climb, scramble, slide and play.

Entertainment & Theater

Enjoy sing along, dance, and clap in the theater of Bultje the Rabbit and his friends. Fun for the whole family!

Swim paradise

The beautiful indoor and outdoor pools of our 5-star campsite, Beerze Bulten, offer a unique swimming experience!

Giga Rabbit Field

The Giga Rabbit Field, a large outdoor playground with water and sand. You are guaranteed to have fun!

Experience 5-star camping Beerze Bulten 📸

5-star campsite in Overijssel

Camping pitches ⛺
Tucked away in the forested Vecht region is our 5-star campsite. You will camp with us on spacious camping pitches. There are hardly any fields (only one), so you really camp between the trees and hills. With extra privacy of course. The camping pitches on our 5-star campsite in Overijssel are 80 to 140 m2 in size and have their own water point, drainage, and 8-ampere electricity. On the pet-friendly pitches, there is a maximum of two dogs allowed. Your camping pitch is always close to a playground and a luxurious sanitary unit. Camping with private sanitary facilities is also an option at our 5-star campsite in the Netherlands.

Accommodations 🏠
Glamping is the hottest trend in camping. At our 5-star campsite, Beerze Bulten, you have the choice of various safari tents and lodges, equipped with every imaginable luxury. At our luxury campsite in the Netherlands, you can also stay in a bungalow or family house. One thing is certain: our 5-star campsite in Overijssel will keep you happy!


Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 9.1.