• Indoor pool with Adventure Island
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Exciting slides
  • New: Giga Splash Park

Pool Paradise

The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are an aquatic experience for both young and old!

The indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer something for everyone. An Adventure Island and a sandy beach for children, and water sprinklers and massage jets for adults. The Pool Paradise (Zwemparadijs) caters to everyone!

Indoor pool

The indoor pool with Adventure Island is guaranteed to provide hours of fun in the water, featuring water spouts, sprinklers, canons, and dump buckets. The Pool Paradise also has two water slides, including the Space Tube, a water slide with special lighting effects which make you feel like you are in space. Very young children can enjoy the sandy beach and aquatic playground. The paddling pool is decorated with assorted play equipment.
Parents can relax in the pool’s wellness area. There are water sprinklers and massage jets, or you can swim laps in the stainless-steel pool.

Outdoor pool

In the summer, you can enjoy swimming outside! The heated outdoor pool features a large, three-lane water slide, a sunbathing area, a terrace, and deckchairs to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather. Success guaranteed! 

Guests staying at Beerze Bulten holiday park have free access to the Pool Paradise every day, as often as they want. 


"The awesome indoor and outdoor pools provide a swimming experience for young and old alike!"


Indoor pool

The indoor pool offers hours of swimming fun and is a great paradise for young and old alike! How often do you go down the slides?

  • Adventure Island
  • Two spectacular slides
  • Toddler pool with slide

More information about the indoor pool

The indoor pool with an Adventure Island guarantees water fun, with tricksters, sprayers, water guns, and tippers. There are also two spectacular slides in the swimming paradise, including the Space Tube; the light effects in the slide make you feel like you're in space. The little ones can enjoy plenty of fun in the new toddler pool. The water playground has various sprayers and even slides for the little ones.

Parents can relax in the wellness area of the heated pool. Water sprayers and massage jets are at your disposal. Of course, you can also just swim laps in the stainless steel pool.

Outdoor pool

You'll find refreshment and excitement in the outdoor pool, including a cool slide, whirlpool, sunbathing area, and toddler pool!

  • Heated pool
  • Large three-lane slide
  • Water playground Giga Splash Park

Meer info over het buitenzwembad

In the summer, you can also enjoy outdoor swimming! The heated outdoor pool features a large three-lane slide, a sunbathing area, terrace, and lounge chairs for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Fun guaranteed!


Giga Spetterpark

Beerze Bulten has a brand new spray park called the Giga Splash Park! Our new spray park is the place to be on warm days. The floor of the park has a thin layer of water, making it an ideal water play area for young and old. In the spray park, you'll find various sprayers and play equipment, as well as awesome slides. How often do you go down the slide?

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