1. Situated in the Overijssel municipality of Beerze
  2. At the Vecht river
  3. Near Ommen and Hardenberg

Area Beerze Bulten

"The most beautiful place in The Netherlands to many"

A park where you can enjoy true outdoor life to its full potential. Everything offered by Beerze Bulten, combined with the Vechtdal's natural area, provides you with the ideal holiday destination.


"A natural, green, hospitable, and special area"


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Canoeing on the Vecht

Beerze Bulten is situated along a branch of the river Vecht, and you can go right onto the water in a canoe from the park. The canoes can be rented at reception, either for half a day or for a full day. You can also make a downstream trip to Ommen. Highly recommended! After all, it's not just fun, but you will also get to some some places you wouldn't see any other way!

Renting canoes

About the Vechtdal

There is plenty to do in the Overijssel Vechtdal, and it might be the most beautiful and diverse place in The Netherlands. The sand drifts, ancient forests, juniper fields, farmlands, and the river Vecht all make it completely unique. The Vecht meanders through the stunning landscape, passing picturesque villages, estates, forests, and heathlands.