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Campsite with private sanitary facilities

A campsite with private sanitary facilities ensures a carefree holiday.

Cross the campsite with your toiletry bag and towel? Or wait in line at the showers and toilets? Not on a campsite with private sanitary facilities in the Netherlands. At Beerze Bulten you can camp with private sanitary facilities, inside the sanitary building or at your camping pitch. Private sanitary facilities, all to yourself: 100% privacy!

"You enjoy the outdoors during a camping holiday, but you also have the comforts of home."

Discover our options for private sanitation during your camping holiday:

What does a campsite with its own sanitary facilities entail?

A private sanitary facilities campsite means that you can use a spacious cabin with a toilet, shower and sink with mirror, for your own family only. During the entire holiday you can leave your toiletries, yet the cabin is cleaned daily by our enthusiastic team. Such luxury! The private sanitary facilities at our campsite are located in the luxury central sanitary buildings, spread out across the site, but always close to your camping pitch. From 2021, we will also offer private sanitary facilities directly at your camping pitch. Your own sanitary facilities, even closer, how nice is that? Your camping pitch with private sanitary facilities also has its own water source, sewerage, 8 amp electricity and free WiFi.

Private bathroom in sanitary building

The private cabins in the sanitary building offer a toilet, shower and sink. For your family only.

Sanitary facilities at your camping pitch

New in 2021: your own shower, toilet and sink within reach, right next to your camping equipment.

The advantages

You can leave your toiletries, you enjoy a lot of privacy and you never have to wait to take a shower.

An impression of our campsite with private sanitary facilities 📸

Campsite with private sanitary facilities and many facilities

Luxury camping with private sanitary facilities? That's done atBeerze Bulten! We are a luxury 5-star campsite, with private sanitary facilities and fantastic facilities. For the (grand)children and for you as (grand)parents! To start with the eye-catcher of our campsite with private sanitary facilities in Overijssel: the underground Giga Konijnenhol. Also known as the house of Bultje het Rabbit, where the kids spend hours climbing and clambering in the indoor play paradise, throwing a strike at the bowling alley or laughing loudly during a theater show. The parents have also been thought of, because you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounge area and we regularly broadcast fun sports matches!

Of course our campsite with private sanitary facilities in the Netherlands also has a very cool swimming paradise with indoor and outdoor pools, an Adventure Island and slides. To exercise, you can go to our fitness area, for relaxation you can go to the wellness and beauty salon. And all this close to your camping pitch with private sanitary facilities!


Review - 9

"Great campsite. Lots of playground equipment for the kids. Sanitary facilities were kept very clean. Compliments to the cleaning team!"

Van Eijk on Zoover

This is what previous vacationers asked us:

What facilities do the camping pitches at Beerze Bulten have?

The extra spacious camping pitches with private sanitation facilities include a private water point, sewage system, 8-ampere electricity, TV connection (CAI), and free Wi-Fi. At Beerze Bulten, you camp in a green environment surrounded by trees!

Can I also come camping with my dog?

Certainly! At Beerze Bulten, we think it's very cozy that your loyal four-legged friend is joining you. We offer pet-friendly camping pitches where you can enjoy together. Dogs must be leashed on the pitch. If you use a dog gate, it is only allowed up to the awning belonging to the (front)tent/caravan.