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Accessible facilities

  1. Accessible facilities

Accessible facilities

For our guests with disabilities, we have modified sanitary buildings and facilities to ensure a wonderful, carefree stay.

The modified sanitary buildings are equipped with extra spacious, accessible bathrooms with a toilet and shower. The Aart sanitary building (at the front of the park) is the most suitable, as it has parking spaces available. The Aart building is also equipped with a dressing table and a shower chair. The Beerza sanitary building is in the pet-friendly area. It has spacious bathrooms equipped with a toilet, shower, and washbasin. The swimming pool has accessible changing rooms with a shower, toilet, and dressing table. The updated Giant Rabbit Hole (Giga Konijnenhol) now also features accessible toilets with braces, as well as a baby room.

If you would like more information about our accessible facilities, we are happy to help you by phone at +31 523 – 251398. The location of the sanitary buildings can be found on the map. 


"A wonderful and carefree stay for all guests."


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