1. 5-star bungalow park
  2. Located in the Vechtdal
  3. Swimming paradise
  4. Large indoor playground

Bungalow park Overijssel

Bungalows for 6 to 8 people in the Vechtdal.

Are you looking for a bungalow park in Overijssel? Then you are at the right place at Holiday Park Beerze Bulten! At this 5-star bungalow park in Overijssel there is plenty to do for young and old!


"Nice and attractive bungalows, hidden between the forests of the Vechtdal. "



  • Flatscreen TV
  • Garden furniture
  • Dishwasher
  • Isolated and central heating

Wooden Bungalow

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Garden furniture
  • Dishwasher
  • Isolated and central heating

Don't miss this at our bungalow park in Overijssel

Giant Rabbit Hole

The indoor play paradise where kids can do crafts, climb, run around, slide, and play!

Spa, Wellness & Fun

A fitness center, a beauty salon, saunas, tanning beds and a salt cave. Exercise and relaxation!

Swimming paradise

The beautiful indoor and outdoor pools of bungalow park Beerze Bulten offer a unique swimming experience!

Giga Rabbit Field

The Giga Rabbit Field, a large outdoor playground with water and sand. You are guaranteed to have fun!

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Bungalow park Beerze Bulten in Overijssel

Beerze Bulten is more than just a family campsite: it is also a large 5-star bungalow park in Overijssel, with many modern accommodations! With our extensive selection of bungalows, there is a beautiful accommodation for every group at this bungalow park.

The infinite number of facilities of Beerze Bulten, the perfect bungalow park in the Netherlands. And if you like walking and cycling, don't miss Beerze (Ommen), because some say this is the most beautiful place in the Netherlands! This also makes Beerze Bulten an ideal 50+ campsite and glamping.

Youpi! We are going to the best Bungalow Park of the Netherlands!


Review - 9

"Fantastic holiday park! Nice playgrounds both inside and outside for the young children. The entertainment is great fun! And super friendly staff! Good restaurant! Really enjoyed it with our children."

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