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Sustainable Wikkelhouses

Winnaar ANWB Camping van het Jaar

Winnaar ANWB Camping van het Jaar

  • 'Most Unique Rental Accommodation 2023' by ANWB
  • Sustainable concept made from recycled materials
  • 4-6 person accommodations


Sustainable and unique accommodations since summer 2022 at Beerze Bulten!

Since the summer, you can book a stay at Beerze Bulten in one of the new sustainable and stylish Wikkelhouse accommodations! A unique lodging concept developed in Amsterdam.


In this more compact version, space for 4 people is provided by the 2-person fold-out bed and the 2-person bed above the bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink.

Wikkelhouse XL

The Wikkelhouse XL is the larger variant and features a bedroom with a double bed and a bedroom with bunk beds. Additionally, it comes equipped with a dishwasher.

Wikkelhouse Duo

New in 2024
The 6-person Wikkelhouse Duo is the newest addition to the Wikkelhouse family at Beerze Bulten. In this linked accommodation, the living and sleeping spaces are separated.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process

Wikkelhouses are fundamentally made from recycled materials. They are wrapped around a large mold using a special patented method, after which environmentally friendly adhesive is applied. This process creates a robust and insulating structure. Through this wrapping process, from which it derives its name, heat insulation and construction are integrated in a sustainable manner. Subsequently, each segment is protected with a waterproof breathable film, similar to breathable rainwear. In the final step, it is finished with wooden panels.

Wikkelhouse XL

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