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Discover Ommen!

Hidden between the forests and along the banks of the Vecht River lies Ommen, one of the oldest Hanseatic cities in Overijssel. With a rich history, stunning natural areas, a lively center, and numerous campsites, Ommen is the perfect base for a vacation or day out with the whole family.

Climbing belts and safety devices are not necessary, but rather sturdy hiking boots, a reasonable level of fitness, and a love for nature. An impressive view of Ommen and its surroundings awaits those who climb the Lemeler or Besthmenerberg. You can also wander through the woods and follow the marked hiking trails.

In addition to the enchanting forests, this region has much more to offer. Ommen is located along the banks of the Vecht, so be sure to enjoy a relaxing picnic by the water or rent a boat. Unwind at one of the many terraces, taste the delicious local products, and treat the children to a tasty (farm) ice cream.



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