Many people already use facial recognition in their daily lives, for example, to unlock their iPhone. Access to our facilities, such as our swimming pool and indoor play paradise, also operates with this so-called biometric software. But what is it exactly? We would be happy to explain.


Step 1

    (Profile) Picture uploaden

    Staying guest? Take care of this in advance at home through 'My Beerze Bulten' in the app! Otherwise, register once at our reception.

Step 2

    Scan your face at the entry gates

Step 3

    You have been recognised and can go inside!

    Easy right?

How does it work?

Facial recognition involves a computer program measuring several facial recognition points of a face using a photo. If these features match those previously stored, the face is recognized.

To create a unique encrypted profile, a template is made of your facial recognition points. The unique points are captured and converted into a unique encrypted profile in a matter of seconds. This encrypted code cannot be traced back to a real face. The encrypted code is stored in a secure digital vault. All data is stored in the Netherlands, highly secured, and equipped with strong encryption.

Good to know: The (strictly secured) data is automatically deleted one day after departure.

Recognition and access

If you are successfully recognized, the door or gate opens automatically, allowing you to proceed immediately. Your face serves as the access pass, eliminating the possibility of forgetting your pass.

Data and system

For facial recognition, we collaborate with our supplier Easysecure, a specialist in access control and ISO 27001 and Data Pro certified. Easysecure operates with IdentySoft software, hosted in Cyso's data centers. Cyso is certified with ISO 20000, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510. The IdentySoft servers are spread across 3 geographically separated tier4 data centers in the Netherlands. The system is used by Beerze Bulten for access control to the indoor play paradise and swimming pool for Beerze Bulten guests. Learn more about Privacy & Security.

Facial recognition for access to our facilities is not mandatory during a stay at our park. If you prefer not to use facial recognition, you can notify our reception.

Do you have questions about facial recognition at Beerze Bulten? Please contact our reception.


Holiday park Beerze Bulten offers facial recognition as an advanced access control and attendance registration solution for our swimming pool and indoor play paradise. This system ensures smooth and effortless access for our guests to these facilities, without the need for cards, wristbands, or other physical means. Our software utilizes facial recognition technology, which scans and converts the unique facial features of our guests into a secure template. This template is the result of a patented algorithm and is protected by AES256 encryption. It is important to note that these templates cannot be traced back to individual faces, ensuring your privacy is fully safeguarded. Holiday park Beerze Bulten collaborates closely with EasySecure, a company dedicated to high-quality security and privacy protection. Our Easy Secure Software is hosted in the data centers of Cyso, complying with ISO 20000, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510 certifications. These servers are located in three geographically separated Tier-4 data centers in the Netherlands, the highest level of data center classification. Furthermore, all data is automatically deleted one day after your reservation and is not used for purposes other than described above. We emphasize that the use of facial recognition is entirely voluntary. If you choose not to use this technology, you can always report to our reception for alternative access arrangements. Your comfort, safety, and privacy are our top priorities.