Beerze Bulten

Cancellation insurance

If you do not have (continuous) cancellation insurance, we advise you to take out a cancellation fund (this can be done within 1 week after booking). There will be no refunds in case of cancellation or early departure. The cancellation fund applies to each reservation and amounts to 5% of the rental/camping sum (with a minimum of € 10). You can appeal to this cancellation fund, supported by an official statement per email, in the following reasons:

  • In case of death, sudden illness or accident of the main person(s) or one of the participants.
  • In the event of early termination of the holiday due to the death of a family member in the first degree of the main person(s) or one of the participants.
  • The main person(s) are forced to move due to medical reasons/change of job.
  • Involuntary unemployment of the main person(s).

When cancelling the holiday, the moment of cancellation is when you leave the site/your accommodation empty. The cancellation fund is not applicable in case of e.g. flu, bad weather, divorce or pandemic.

If you do not take out a cancellation fund and nevertheless cancel, we apply the Recron Conditions.

You can add the cancellation fund when making your reservation (under Extras)