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Wikkelhouse Bear

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  1. Air conditioning (cooling and heating)
  2. Petfree
  3. Includes park WiFi (2 devices)
  4. Access to swimming pools
  5. Access to indoor play paradise


  1. Shower
  2. Toilet
  3. Washbasin


  1. Rocking chair: 2


  1. Coffee machine (no. 4)
  2. Kettle

Living area

  1. Flatscreen TV


New sustainable lodges from mid-2022

New sustainable lodges made from recycled material. Experience a stay in these unique accommodations at Beerze Bulten from next summer!
The Wikkelhouses are realized at Beerze Bulten in two variants: Wikkelhouse (large) and Wikkelhouse Bear (smaller). Both types are suitable for 4 people.

Wikkelhouse Bear

With this more compact variant, the 2-person folding bed and the 2-person bed above the bathroom also provide space for 4 people. The bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink.

Images are impressions. Detailed specifications will follow soon.

Always included during your stay:

  • Access to the Giant Rabbit Hole (Giga Konijnenhol)
  • Access to the Pool Paradise (Zwemparadijs)
  • Participation in the extensive animation program