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  1. Petfree
  2. Isolated and central heating
  3. Very suitable for the disabled
  4. Includes park WiFi (2 devices)


  1. Multiple bathrooms
  2. Toilet
  3. Shower
  4. Washbasin
  5. Whirlpool


  1. Garden furniture


  1. Dishwasher
  2. Gas hob
  3. Fridge with freezer
  4. Microwave oven
  5. Kettle
  6. Coffee machine
  7. Kitchen inventory


  1. Babybed

Living area

  1. Flatscreen TV
  2. Wood stove
  3. Highchair (young children): 2


Charming, new 16-person accommodation

Our newest group accommodation is the Juniper Family House (Familiehuis de Jeneverbes)! The Juniper Family House is a luxury 16-person accommodation, located on the stunning nature pitch at the edge of the park.

Juniper Family House is a villa with its own large driveway. There are several parking spaces around the house, as well as a large terrace with a play area.

The ground floor features a large living room and spacious kitchen with a dining table, as well as two roomy bedrooms with en suite bathroom. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, with another two bedrooms and one bathroom in the basement. There is also a large playroom for the children to enjoy themselves.

This accommodation is also easily accessible for people with a disability. One of the bedrooms on the ground floor has an accessible toilet and facilities. As with all our accommodations, you also have full access to our facilities such as the Pool Paradise (Zwemparadijs), Giant Rabbit Hole (Giga Konijnenhol), and recreation program. A footpath takes you to the facilities quickly, and without crossing the road. 

Always included during your stay:

  • Access to the Giant Rabbit Hole (Giga Konijnenhol)
  • Access to the Pool Paradise (Zwemparadijs)
  • Participation in the extensive animation program

20 reviews

  1. 8.5

    We hebben de mogelijkheden ondanks de Corona maatregelen als zeer prettig ervaren

    February 2021 -

  2. 8.7

    No review left

    October 2020 -

  3. 8.5

    No review left

    September 2020 -

  4. 9

    No review left

    August 2020 -

  5. 8.6

    wij zaten er in een rare periode (carona virus in opkomst) waardoor het erg rustig was op het park. In de zomer maanden zou het er vast nog veel leuker zijn.

    March 2020 -

  6. 9.6

    Mooi park, mooi huisje, we hebben het zeer naar ons zin gehad

    March 2020 -

  7. 8.5

    No review left

    February 2020 -

  8. 8

    No review left

    February 2020 -

  9. 10

    No review left

    February 2020 -

  10. 8.3

    No review left

    January 2020 -

  11. 8.2

    No review left

    January 2020 -

  12. 8

    No review left

    January 2020 -

  13. 10

    No review left

    December 2019 -

  14. 9.3

    Leuke faciliteiten voor goed en slecht weer en voor alle leeftijden

    November 2019 -

  15. 10

    No review left

    November 2019 -

  16. 10

    Das Haus war sehr sauber Das Haus umfasst eine Personenzahl, die es nicht überall gibt Das Angebot für kleinere Kinder ist super - Schwimmbad, indoorspielplatz und außenspielplatz

    October 2019 -

  17. 8.5

    No review left

    October 2019 -

  18. 9

    Mooi park, genoeg te beleven, schoon!

    September 2019 -

  19. 9

    De jeneverbes is voor een groep of familie een perfect ingericht huisje.

    August 2019 -

  20. 8

    No review left

    July 2019 -